IFC Animal Ministry

A fundamental doctrine of the Independent Faith Church is a respect and love for all life.  This includes a respect for even that life we may fear, not understand or yet appreciate.  


One of the many reasons we strive to conduct our meetings and activities in nature is to be closer to God and to learn to love and respect the life that surrounds us.


A major part of our interaction with various forms of life on a daily basis is through our relationship with our animal companions. 


We consider our animal companions a blessing to our lives, our teachers and our friends and we strive to show them the love and respect they deserve as such.


The Independent Faith Church welcomes socially friendly animal companions to our meetings and activities.


We have ordained Animal Ministers who are available to assist with the following:


  • Activities for animal companions during meetings of human pets.


  • Assistance with behavioral issues


  • Counseling for human pets during times of animal companion illness or loss.


  • Ministerial assistance and blessing at passing of an animal companion.


  • In-home animal companion funeral services and coordination of burial or cremation.


  • Assistance with recovering lost animal companions.


  • Animal blessings in general as requested or required by their human pet.


  • Coordination of animal related charitable services and activities

For any of the above services or to suggest charitable activities, additional services or more information, please feel free to email our Presiding Animal Minister .