Financial Philosophy


The Independent Faith Church has a very conservative financial philosophy.  We do not incur debt to procure anything for the organization.  Our meeting places are humble but clean and comfortable – usually outdoors in parks, mountains, beaches, etc. 


Local Ministers are encouraged to use nature as the congregational setting whenever possible or to rent or borrow modest locales so as to not waste resources that can be used more effectively for charitable causes.


Our Ministers are NOT compensated financially for their service - we are volunteers that believe in everyone pulling their weight as they can.


Donations to the church go directly to the project or purpose the donor specifies.  General donations are used for legitimate operating expenses such as office supplies, refreshments for meetings, etc. 


The Independent Faith Church was founded on the principle of altruism, love and charity and will not be a business with financial interests as the motivating factors for member involvement.  We declare this position publicly so we can be held to it and remain true to the idealistic and simple approach we believe should be the underlying motivation for any spiritual endeavor.


The exact and full disclosure of all income and expenditures are made public and posted on the Internet for anyone that wants to see - member or not.


As an organization that relies on donations from the public, we make the public who we report to regarding the use of the funds entrusted to us as a matter of official operational procedure.


Our religious roots are humble and our mission is to keep in touch with that quality in all aspects of life. 


The Independent Faith Church will not own great temples, cathedrals or tabernacles as it is contrary to our basic philosophy.  We believe that such edifices are a mere representation of human ego and of no use to the power that created them in the first place.  We do not believe that a building has anything to do with worship unless you worship buildings. 


We teach that worship is a lifestyle and humility is a fundamental principle and trait of that lifestyle.  We can not effectively teach one thing and live another.


In cases where real estate acquisitions are merited, they must be approved by the Board of Directors.


The governing principle of our financial philosophy is – Money and possessions are temporary tools and when used with humility and wisdom can facilitate our path. When used unwisely, they will become a hindrance in the path to ultimate self realization.