God Is:


The topic of most controversy in the history of humanity is that of God.  This three-letter word and the attempt to define it have caused more death, destruction, pain and evil than anything in existence known to mortals and yet it is attributed with virtues of perfection, love, etc.


This dichotomy is indicative of the human ego-based need to have clearly delineated that which may not allow for clear delineation and to be “right”.


The general worldview in the Judeo-Christian and some other cultures (simplified to be sure) is that God is a deity that resides in heaven and has little better to do than sit on a throne and watch humanity with a heavenly score card to keep track of the good and bad deeds like Santa Clause to then reward or punish accordingly.


To put this issue plainly, succinctly and as honestly as possible – we do not claim to know the attributes of the deities commonly referred to as God.  In fact, we have no interest in attempting to do so because deities are not God to us, they are deities. Many of these deities have been used as an excuse to perpetrate such horror, evil and destruction and then the perpetrators turn around and bless, prophecy, preach and officiate in their name.  Some of these deities have characteristics that are worth emulating while others seem to have characteristics of evil, smite, vengeance and anger.  It seems that in the name of monotheism, humanity has tried to lump all in as the same god yet they are very likely several deities.  This is evident in the disparity between deities of the Old and New Testament for example.


We are truly monotheistic in the sense that we believe in and worship one God that is everything and everyone that is and therefore truly omnipotent and omnipresent.  


We believe that God is the force that comprises and created these deities as well as all that is, including each of us. This means that God is part of us as we are part of God.


When we realize that at a quantum level we are connected to everything in existence and a part thereof, it becomes difficult to think that separation from anything – even God – is possible. In fact it is not. This concept brings to light the reasons judgment and hate are such futile emotions as they only reflect on us because we are not separate from that which we spew the judgment or emotion at. We can not harm or inflict pain without harming our self. We can not affect anything without affecting our self and consequently affecting God and when we do so we affect our personal plight for ultimate self realization through the Law of Natural Consequence.


With this understanding, we believe that we need to truly love our self first and by so doing we will inevitably love everyone else and consequently love God. 


So who is God?


You are, I am, as is all that is because we are an integral part of it all.