Health & Wellness

Health and wellness extends beyond the physical aspects of our existence and in fact, the more important and relevant are the spiritual ones.


We do not pretend to place a standard of what is deemed healthy in either realm as each individual has his or her own challenges to overcome. One person may be physically fit and spiritually dead where another may be spiritually solid and physically challenged while most of us are somewhere in between. The point is not to quantify but to be aware and actively live healthy in all aspects.


It is clear that physical ailments are the body’s way of showing or dealing with disease or imbalances and we all live with some form or another of these regardless of our level of health.  Our environment is one of abundance of physical, mental and spiritual pollutants that have accumulated over years of disconnection from God and our Mother Earth.  The fact is that ailments, imbalances and disease in one area will have some effect on the other so it behooves us to adopt a lifestyle that actively promotes health in all areas.


While we do not mandate or require any particular lifestyle, we do advocate implementation of the temporal and spiritual aspects of Interfaith growth which include elimination of habits and substances that are detrimental and assimilation of those that promote health and well being.


As the body and spirit grow healthier, the power of creation flows more consciously. This does not necessarily mean that either is directly or inversely proportional to the other as we are adaptive beings in a perfectly balanced universe.


With that said, regardless of our state of health, we advocate actively engaging in activities that promote health. 


As an organization, we recognize the benefits of all kinds of medicine – conventional and “alternative”.  It is undeniable that conventional medicine has its place and this is certainly the case with surgery, trauma treatment, life support, terminal illness, etc. and though it mostly treats symptoms rather than their cause it would be foolish to not avail ourselves of it in conjunction with alternative methods.


Unfortunately but undeniably, the medical/pharmaceutical industry has blatantly yet passively violated the Hippocratic Oath through greed and financial gain. This has given rise to an ever growing return to natural and alternative medicine.


In this light we not only advocate a broad spectrum of alternative practices, but we make them readily available to our members and friends through seminars, workshops, relationships with and referrals to practitioners as well as the availability of information and devices through our local congregations to supplement conventional medicine.


These include, naming just a few: Reike, massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, naturopathy, kinesiology, vegetarianism, Rife technology and electro therapies, reflexology, iridology, shamanism… and the list goes on. 


We are not medical doctors and we do not make claims of cures nor do we prescribe treatments for specific illnesses. We merely make the information, professionals, practitioners and devices available for each individual to use at their own discretion in their own best interest to complement conventional medicine and compensate for deficiencies inherent to the modern medical/pharmaceutical industry.


Again, we do not make any claims or representations of cures, treatments for specific ailments or otherwise indicate or infer anything along those lines. We provide equipment that is currently popular and in demand for the personal use and benefit of our members as they see fit and make available information to be used as each individual may choose.


Sadly, the preceding paragraph is resultant from the state of affairs in our medical/pharmaceutical community and the financial interests at work that make it necessary to place disclaimers like this on a church website as well as countless others to avoid prosecution by the law driven by those who took an oath to heal and not harm.  How ironic.