Heaven & Hell

We believe that it is possible to experience Heaven as we live and are completely present in the only time that we can consciously ever known – the Sacred Now. 


By being present in the now and learning to stay in that state, we are in effect communing with God and experiencing heaven or the presence of God. The now is where all that is – including God and the God in us exist.


Regardless of what happens when we shed the fascinating bio-mechanical suit we inhabit, in the degree that we are able to experience heaven NOW, we will continue to do so forever.


We believe that Hell is a state of mind, and not a place.  Although many places may seem like hell, we believe that hell is the resulting consequence of separation from God and we can only be connected to God and the God in all of us by being present in the NOW – being in heaven.  By the contrary, by allowing our body to be in the present with our mind obsessed in the past or the future, we create a disconnection from God and the resulting stress, anxiety and depression tend to foment the devastating condition associated with hell.


Will we be cast into a lake of fire and brimstone for our sins? We do NOT believe in such a concept of hell for a minute. However, if it were true and if there is such a deity that would allow the casting of his children in such a place, we can not recognize or be affected by that deity especially if we are present in the now and thus connected and communing with God.  


What kind of deity would conceivably cast its creation into any type of eternal punishment, isolation or fire infested resort for “the wicked”?