Membership in the church is open to everyone.  We do not have requirements for membership other than a desire to join us and share in our spiritual journey together. 


We do not require anyone to renounce any other religious beliefs or affiliations to become a member of the Independent Faith Church. 


We do require an application for membership to keep our records current for fiscal reporting of any donations.  We do not require any membership fees or dues but we gratefully receive donations which are tax deductible under IRC section 501(c)(3) and are our principal means of operation.


We do not attempt to impose a view of how we think anyone “should” be, look, dress or otherwise represent themselves or experience life. 


Our meetings are structured but there is no dress code outside of “appropriate casual” for the location, occasion or event. 


We welcome ALL and strive to avoid unnecessary restrictions that may be perceived as exclusionary or limiting within the scope of reason.