Ecclesiastical Governance and Organization


The Independent Faith Church is structured as follows:


CIFC Board of Directors

President / Presiding Minister


Administrative Staff


Congregational Ministers

Congregational Staff as required

Congregational Treasurer


The CIFC Board of Directors (The Board) appoints the President / Presiding Minister of the Independent Faith Church by majority of vote every 6 years unless an emergency vote of “no confidence” is called by a 100% majority of the board.


The Board gives direction to the operations of the Corporation of the Independent Faith Church in NON SPIRITUAL matters.  All capital expenditures, salaries, charitable contributions, legal matters, real estate acquisitions, and non spiritual related business are authorized, determined and executed by The Board.

The President / Presiding Minister is a member of The Board.


Ministers including the Presiding Minister are encouraged to perform only duties of executive and spiritual nature overseeing the administration of the operative affairs of the organization from a “healthy distance” to avoid distraction from the spiritual and executive by the operative process and mechanism.


Ministers are encouraged to delegate the operative activities of the congregation to administrative staff that may be employed by the congregation or volunteer as the needs and means of the congregation mandate and allow.


The Treasurer and Congregational Treasurers are responsible for accurate accounting of all monies and donations in kind received as well as all expenditures made by the organization.  The Treasurers are responsible for book keeping, financial reporting, A/P, check elaboration and fiscal compliance.


Administrative staff is hired or volunteered as needed to assume delegation of any and all operational activities related to the treasury and office of the Minister.

The treasurer has no signatory authority on bank accounts but is the first authorization for any expenditure.  Final authorization and signature of checks is made by the Minister.