Prayer is communication with God.


Our views on God and the God in all of us make our every moment a form of prayer even though most of humanity is completely unaware of this ongoing prayer.  


Our reality is reflecting that prayer on a daily basis as we create and materialize that which is most prevalent in our thoughts and their associated emotions.


The act of supplication or expression of gratitude to a deity (usually before asking for something) is a focused version of our life prayer.  The conventional forms of prayer or what we call the ritual of prayer, are used by all religions and philosophies in some form to focus thought feeling and emotion in order to more effectively co-create. 


We believe that gratitude should be the prevalent emotion of our ongoing life prayer, not just a precursor to a specific request to a deity.  We strive to be grateful not become grateful. Working towards something puts that something in the future which does not exist. We teach and understand that to become is to wish, hope and leave to luck something that already is and just needs to be allowed to be.  If we are grateful in the now, we will always be grateful and gratitude will invariably bring about a positive outlook and a healthy humility. This way we are focusing our energy on general qualities that help make the creation or materialization of specific things effortless – which in effect is the case. 


We encourage everyone to pray always – not in the ritual of prayer but in living prayer. We also encourage everyone to make use of the ritual of prayer as needed until the ability to be in gratitude, and create effectively and CONSCIOUSLY is reached at which point, the ritual (along with all rituals) becomes obsolete and unnecessary.


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