Our Sponsored Charities


We are extremely selective of the charities we affiliate ourselves with in order to ensure that all donations are used to directly benefit the cause and not for inflated "administrative expenses".

Most of our charitable efforts are self administrated to ensure that 100% of the donations are guaranteed to directly benefit the cause. Our administrative and ministerial staff are unpaid volunteers with a passion for community service and contributing to the betterment of society and thereby contributing to self improvement.

Holistic Healing

The IFC provides access to holistic health and medicine options through our own clinic and a network of affiliate holistic health practitioners.

As part of our spiritual philosophy we reserve the right and embrace the responsibility of availing ourselves of various alternative health options in conjunction with allopathic medicine. 
We do not recognize any disease as incurable and we hold that a doctor does not cure anything - the body cures itself when in a state of homeostasis. 
We provide access to alternative healing modalities for a variety of imbalances and their symptoms with low cost or no cost options for those who qualify.

Please include as much information as you are comfortable with in your email in order to maximize our efficiency in addressing your issue.

Proud Rural America Project


The Proud Rural America Project is dedicated to reclaiming the beauty of America's farm and ranch lands through environmentally friendly practices of recycling and re-purposing of old, dilapidated or discarded implements, buildings, vehicles, junk, etc.

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Disabled Veteran Assistance Program

The Disabled Veterans Program is dedicated to providing resources to disabled vets including:

  • Alternative health options

  • Companion/Therapy animals

  • PTSD treatment options

  • Employment services

  • Counseling, etc.

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Please include as much information as you are comfortable with in order to maximize our efficiency in attending to your issue.

Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue is devoted to providing loving homes for homeless, neglected and or abused animals of all kinds. 
We work with local volunteers, animal shelters, veterinarians and other rescue organizations to help alleviate a growing problem and educate the public regarding the important role all animals play in nature and society as well as our responsibilities as stewards of this planet.

"We cant do it all but we can all do something to make the world a better place"

Nature Conservation


The Nature Conservation Project is an extensive program that promotes conservation and appreciation of nature through:

  • Cleanup activities - (trash and invasive species removal projects)

  • Nature exploration activities with families and at risk youth

  • Coordination of educational activities through various agencies

  • Oil spill cleanup volunteer programs

  • Social and political activism for conservation

  • Urban Beautification

  • Our Urban Beautification Project is an ongoing program that is dedicated to the beautification of our urban areas through various programs and agencies to promote and facilitate the following:

  • Urban park cleanup

  • Trail maintenance projects

  • Community Gardens

  • Urban homesteading

  • Service projects for the elderly and disabled (house, yard and garden)

  • Recycling

  • Alternative energy implementation, etc.

  • For more information or to volunteer for any of our charitable activities and programs please contact us via email.